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Welcome to Cornerstone School. We cater for pupils aged 11 - 19 who have a primary diagnosis of autism, and associated SEMH needs. We are committed to making a difference, and in line with the vision of Trinitas Academy Trust, believe that all children deserve the best education. 


At Cornerstone, our vision is to ensure that every young person we work with is ‘Happy, confident and ready to contribute’. Built upon a foundation of compassion, we want every child to thrive and recognise the unique gifts they have. To this effect, the school has three key values:


  • AMBITION: We have high expectations for all of the pupils and staff in our school. By working to build on individual strengths, but also taking the time and patience needed to understand weaknesses and supporting pupils to address these (both cognitive and emotional), we instil a strong sense of ambition in all. 
  • CURIOSITY: Curiosity is at the heart of life-long learning; at Cornerstone it is valued and rewarded. By instilling a sense of curiosity, every day brings opportunity to learn more about ourselves, our surrounding environment and we grow as a result.
  • HAPPINESS: All members of the school deserve to be happy – when we are happy, we can flourish. 


Our desire to achieve this vision, and to ensure the key values of the school are adhered to, run inherent through everything we do. This begins with the school environment, in which we provide a happy, safe and calm place in which pupils can feel secure. We encourage kindness at all times, promoting a compassionate and nurturing environment and dedicate the necessary time to form and maintain positive relationships.


We ensure pupils have access to a tailored, personalised curriculum in which they can work towards, and achieve, individual goals. Central to this personalised curriculum is recognising and developing individual interests and skills, promoting inquisitive learning. Pupils are also supported to develop critical life skills, ensuring they are empowered to make informed choices beyond the classroom. Cornerstone School says to its pupils ‘we will provide a foundation of learning, tailored to you’


To this end, staff work to identify the barriers that each individual pupil faces, and work to remove these. This includes the individualised curriculum they are exposed to, but also incorporates the highest standards of specialist support and intervention thus integrating therapy into all elements of the school day. Examples of such support include Speech and Language Therapy, Occupation Therapy, Art Therapy and Music Therapy. 


The school is dedicated to partnership working to maximise this truly integrated approach. We seek to actively engage parents and carers in their child’s education, involving them in the journey they are on and providing regular updates. Furthermore, Cornerstone utilises the wider education provision within Trinitas Academy Trust, and in particular the close links with Trinity School, to enable pupils to benefit where suitable from learning and socialising with their peers in a mainstream setting. 


As part of our indivudalised approach, pupils will have access to a range of qualifications as they progress through the school. These include, but are not limited to, Entry Level (1/2/3) Qualifications, Functional Skills, GCSEs, BTECs and A Levels. 


Cornerstone School is located on Halt Robin Road, and includes a newly renovated and refurbished building, and a brand new extension to this building. The building has been designed to meet the needs of our pupils, and as a result ensures a low arousal, sensory environment that supports pupils to manage their day and develop their independence. As well as teaching rooms and specialist teaching areas, purpose built quiet rooms and intervention rooms enable pupils to access specialist therapeutic support and programmes where necessary. This is also true of the outdoor space, which has been designed to include a multi-use games area and provide other sensory equipment to meet pupils’ needs. 


For a child to be admitted, they must have a diagnosis of Autism, and linked presentation of social, emotional and mental health (SEMH) needs. The school must be named, by the local authority, in the child’s EHCP. Parents who would like their child to attend Cornerstone need to express their preference for this school with their Local Authority’s SEN team in order for the formal consultation process to take place.  


In exceptional circumstances, a local authority can also refer a child to the school to be assessed for an EHCP or following a change in the child’s circumstances for his or her needs to be assessed or reassessed. Any assessment should be completed within the statutory timescales set out in the SEND Code of Practice.