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Speech & Language Therapy at Cornerstone School


Hello! My name is Daniel Brown, and I am a Speech & Language Therapist (SaLT) with Words First. I am very excited to be supporting the Team at Cornerstone School this year.


Words First ltd is a Multidisciplinary service to support schools from EYFS to KS4, providing Speech & Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Play therapy, Educational Psychology and Counselling services.  As a company education is a passion and supporting students to access their education (whatever that might look like for them) is our sole purpose.



What is a Speech & Language Therapist?


As a school-based Speech and Language Therapist (SaLT) I am professionally allied with Healthcare and Education. I assess and, as required, offer therapeutic support to an individual with specific speech, language and communication needs to enable them to communicate to the best of their ability. In a school setting I tend to work directly with students, their families, and other education professionals to develop personalised strategies to support them as an individual. As a SaLT I also provide training to education professionals to empower them to support the speech, language, and communication needs of their pupils.


A bit about me!


I am a dual qualified Speech and Language Therapist (SaLT) and Primary School Teacher. My experience as a SaLT has taken me to a variety of settings; from working at the International School of Brussels in Belgium, to the world’s largest refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. I have spent a few years working as a Key Stage 2 Primary Teacher in South London. My passion is the link between functional communication (every day communication and interaction) , language (our use of verbal or written English), and literacy (particularly reading). 

These skills empower individuals, foster curiosity, creativity, learning and expands our ability to explore our world; to be confident and independent people. Part of this process involves working closely with the families and schools of the students I support. This is truly a privilege to be able to not only facilitate but empower these focal units to support their child’s and student’s communication and learning.



Speech & Language Therapy at Cornerstone School


At Cornerstone school I will be implementing our Words First approach to support students holistically. At Words First our goal is to support every student to think, communicate and learn effectively so that they can be the best that they can be. We aim to achieve this by working closely with the student and their support network around then with the aim being that their whole environment is supporting their development.