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School Values

At Cornerstone, our vision is to ensure that every young person we work with is ‘Happy, confident and ready to contribute’. Built upon a foundation of compassion, we want every child to thrive and recognise the unique gifts they have. To this effect, the school has three key values:


  • AMBITION: We have high expectations for all of the pupils and staff in our school. By working to build on individual strengths, but also taking the time and patience needed to understand weaknesses and supporting pupils to address these (both cognitive and emotional), we instil a strong sense of ambition in all. 
  • CURIOSITY: Curiosity is at the heart of life-long learning; at Cornerstone it is valued and rewarded. By instilling a sense of curiosity, every day brings opportunity to learn more about ourselves, our surrounding environment and we grow as a result.
  • HAPPINESS: All members of the school deserve to be happy – when we are happy, we can flourish.